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Coaches Code of Conduct:

The Centerville Recreational Soccer League seeks to instill in each player the belief and confidence that he can set high goals and succeed in achieving them. The relationship that Centerville Recreational Soccer League coaches have with their players impacts not only the team dynamic but also influences the behavior and decisions that Centerville Recreational Soccer League players make both on and off the field.

You must be over the age of 21 to qualify to coach, and be able to complete the background check, concussion training, and safe sport training.  Coaches at no time have the authority to cancel a game, or ask for it to be rescheduled under any circumstances.

As a Centerville Recreational Soccer League coach, I understand that I am expected to hold myself and my team to the high standards set forth by Centerville Recreational Soccer League. While representing Centerville Recreational Soccer League or participating in any Centerville Recreational Soccer League activity all coaches is expected:

• To ensure that the health, well-being, and development of athletes take precedence over winning, to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for practices and competition, and to exhibit injury and risk management practices;

• To place the athletes needs above my own and to ensure that each athlete has the opportunity to compete and excel.

• To honor the spirit and integrity of the game;

• To encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support and respect for all players, parents, and coaches at every game, practice, or other Centerville Recreational Soccer League events;

• To show good sportsmanship and respect to all officials at all times even when I disagree with their decision;

• To refrain from the use of profanity, abusive language, gestures or actions, racially insensitive remarks, or any other conduct that reflects poorly on me or Centerville Recreational Soccer League.

• To refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco during any Centerville Recreational Soccer League events;

• To recognize that a worthy opponent will push my team to do their best;

• To exemplify honesty, integrity, fair-play, and sportsmanship at all times regardless of the impact that might have upon the outcome of the competition;

• To accept that I serve as a role model and hold myself to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism by maintaining reasonable composure and a professional demeanor in my relationships with athletes, officials, colleagues, and parents and treating them with respect and dignity;

• To lead by example and to be fair, firm, and consistent in all coaching activities and decisions. • To commit to playing each person on the team in every game.

• To listen to my players concerns and try to help them learn and grow in any way that I can.

• To submit to a background check and complete the NFHS Concussion Course, as required by the State of Ohio, prior to performing any coaching duties or having contact with any of the players in the League.

• To improve my knowledge and understanding of the game of soccer by attending coaching clinics recommended or provided by Centerville Recreational Soccer League.