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Centerville Recreational Soccer League has modified the Rules/Laws of the Game for each division, based on age groups. Click on the links below to the view specific rules/laws for each program:

* U5 Program

* U6 Program

* U7 Program

* U8 Program

* U10 Program

* U12 Program

* U14 Program

* High School Program

* Adult Program

Playing with a cast – Players are not allowed to participate in any activities with a hard cast. Our insurance prohibits playing due to the liability of re-injury or harm to others. If you have a soft cast that does not have metal support in it, then you are able to participate. We are aware that other organizations allow players to bubble wrap their casts and play, we do not allow this in our league. Thank you for understanding.

Earrings – Players with earrings need to remove them during play, or you can wear rubber posts that are made for sports, or you can use a rubber backing so your neck doesn’t get pierced by the earring if you take a ball or hit to the side of the head. We do not allow band-aids on your ears, it doesn’t prevent injury. Thank you